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Eight Reasons To Expand To The USA - Today!
By: Jim Pettinger
Today is a great day to expand your Canadian business to the USA. Or, to start importing quality goods from Asia or Europe into the USA.

  1. Exchange rates are always beneficial: When low, you can invest Canadian capital more economically, and when high, you can earn a premium on your USA sales (see

  2. Credit card and other interest rates are still historically low, encouraging consumers and businesses to buy even more goods.

  3. The U.S. unemployment rate is low, and new jobs are being added to the economy every day, meaning that more and more American have income to buy your products and services.

  4. Corporate travel, entertainment and marketing budgets are wide open; local and national industry tradeshows and conferences abound.

  5. Many of your competitors are sitting on the fence, claiming “uncertainty”. Meanwhile, Americans are buying foreign goods and services in even greater quantities.

  6. Asian and European manufacturers, especially smaller ones, are very anxious to sell into the booming U.S. economy (with your help and expertise).

  7. Experienced Canadian trade commissioners in more than 15 US cities are waiting for your call or e-mail (see Consulate General of Canada in Seattle for an example).

  8. Gas is (relatively) cheap.
So, why are you wasting your valuable marketing time reading this article?

Jim Pettinger

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