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Written By Joshua Veliz
June 2010

IMA, A Wonderful Place To Be.
Orders Come And Orders Go,
And You Fill Them So Happily.

Whether It's Glasses For Your Sight,
Or Cream For Your Skin,
Vitamins For Your Dog,
Or Pills To Make You Thin,
IMA Will Get It Packed,
And Shipped Without A Doubt.
Anybody Who Thinks Different,
Don't Know What Their Talking About.

What Would We Do
Without IMA And The Crew?
We All Would Run Around
Without Anything To Do.

IMA Makes People Happy
When The Mailman Is In Sight;
Knowing IMA Would Get It To Them Overnight.

So When You Need Some Sugar Wax
For That Unwanted Hair,
The Crew Of IMA Will Ship It
With Their Loving Care.

They Are The Best At What They Do,
I've Seen It First-Hand.
They Have Pride In What They Do,
Shipping To All Throughout The Land.