September 1, 2016

USA Still Open for Business
Especially for Canadians

Cross-Border Trade Company Offers “Ten Tips for Better Border Business”

Vancouver, BC and Bellingham, WA – Despite increased border security following the September 11 tragedy, and despite any “buy American” or anti-trade rhetoric, the USA is still the most lucrative and available market in the world.
     With the current long-term outlook for a weak loonie, Canadian companies need to immediately seize the opportunity to stake a position in the lucrative U.S. market. With careful planning, the initial cost can be minimal, but the payoff could be enormous.

This optimistic message comes from the cross-border trade company that regularly presents the seminar, Doing Business in the USA. To emphasize the current opportunity, UCanTrade, Inc. is offering Ten Tips for Better Border Business, a free one-page primer designed to help Canadian business people understand the practical basics of crossing the border.

“Here are the simple facts” says UCanTrade, Inc. president and dual citizen, Jim Pettinger: “(1) most U.S. land border crossings have been upgraded and are fully open for Canadian goods and people, (2) each sale you make for US$100 nets you C$130 or more, (3) your business presence in the U.S. can lead to a green card and dual-citizen status if you wish , and (4) American buyers (a) love foreign goods, (b) have double the available money of their Canadian counterparts and (c) make their buying decisions at least  three times as fast.”

Ten Tips For Better Border Business is available at no cost at or by requesting a copy via email at

From its 60,000 sq. ft. facilities in Ferndale, Washington, UCanTrade, Inc. provides more than 120 Canadian exporters and importers with USA Marketing Support Services, including USA business identity, warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment (pick and pack), tradeshow logistics support, return/repair, and Foreign-Trade Zone consulting services.