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Better Than A Blaine Warehouse
Looking for a Blaine Warehouse? Even Better: Locate your US Business Operations With UCanTrade Near Ferndale.
By: Elliott Smith
When businesses in British Columbia want to find a partner to handle their cross-border warehousing, fulfillment and logistics, they often search for "Blaine Warehouse." Blaine, the Peace Arch City, is well known as a border town with two busy crossings. So why is UCanTrade NOT located in Blaine? We feel that we can better meet the needs of our clients by being closer to the resources offered by the much larger City of Bellingham.
Blaine Warehouse

We like to think of our Ferndale, WA location as being in "Suburban Bellingham." And, at just hundreds of meters from the end of Bellingham International Airport's runway, we certainly are close to the industrial and transportation hub of the city. By locating in the Bellingham area, we can offer our clients access to the resources of the city that simply can't be matched with a Blaine warehouse.

One benefit of doing business with UCanTrade in the Bellingham area over using a Blaine Warehouse is access to the full resources of the Bellingham professional business community. As a city with over 80,000 inhabitants, and being the largest population center in the Northwest region of Washington State, Bellingham has a vibrant business community with quality professionals to serve your company's needs. Legal resources, including immigration attorneys such as Cascadia Cross Border Law can help your company understand and tackle any immigration and visa needs you may require. Bellingham also has excellent accounting firms experienced in cross-border business, including Moss Adams LLP and VSH Certified Public Accountants. Bellingham is also home to a larger high quality labor pool than can be found when locating right at the border with a Blaine warehouse, and has helpful temp firms including Express Employment Professionals ready to assist with your staffing needs. In short, working with UCanTrade near Ferndale, instead of basing your US operations out of a Blaine warehouse makes more sense because the resources of the city's professional business community are closer and better able to help your company grow and thrive in the United States.

Additionally, the Bellingham area is home to more large suppliers and our Ferndale/North Bellingham warehouse is included in the free delivery zone for many of them, where an extra charge is added for delivery to a Blaine warehouse. These include Costco and Home Depot, among many others, both of which have Bellingham locations and deliver for free to our Ferndale/North Bellingham facility.

Another benefit of doing business in the Bellingham area with UCanTrade is access to Port of Bellingham facilities, including low cost business meeting space available for rent and Bellingham International Airport, with US Customs clearance facilities and nonstop commercial air service to 11 cities in seven Western US States. By locating in the Bellingham area, instead of offering a Blaine Warehouse, UCanTrade is also able to connect our clients with important resources like the Technology Development Center, a joint venture of Western Washington University and Bellingham Technical College.

Locating in the Bellingham area, instead of providing a Blaine warehouse facility right next to the border also gives UCanTrade and our clients better access the outstanding resources on the campus of Western Washington University. "Western" as it's known to locals, has unique expertise in Canada/US issues.

Western's Center for Canadian-American Studies, an institution with over 40 years of experience in research and teaching on cross-border business and government affairs, and its sister organization, The Border Policy Research Institute provide internationally-renowned experts and educated graduates a stone's throw away. Western's resources also include the The Small Business Development Center, a unit of the University's College of Business and Economics dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses in the Bellingham area. Closer access to all of these University resources is one of many reasons UCanTrade locates in the Bellingham area instead of providing a Blaine warehouse facility for our clients.

We're located just off Exit 260 on Interstate 5, only 14 miles from the border in Ferndale, Washington -Bellingham's Northern Suburb. Our easy access to both the Peace Arch and Pacific Highway "Truck Crossing" Ports of Entry means that UCanTrade clients get the best of both worlds: the convenience of being near the border, with the full resources of a city. UCanTrade's Bellingham area location makes better business sense than a Blaine warehouse for Canadian entrepreneurs seeking to establish a US Business presence. The resources of the city -- the professional business community, the suppliers, the Port and the University -- coupled with UCanTrade's 28 years of leadership experience in helping your cross-border business grow make us the ideal partner in the Blaine/Bellingham area. It's our business to help your Canadian company expand and grow in the United States. Call UCanTrade today to find out what we can do for you, and why we're so much more than a Blaine warehouse.

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