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Freight Forwarding
Freight Forwarding
UCanTrade, Inc. / UCanTrade.com is pleased to offer value-added freight forwarding in the United States for Canadian companies from our state-of-the-art facility in Ferndale, Washington. We offer two unique freight forwarding services to help assist Canadian entrepreneurs profitably do business in the United States: Cross-Docking and Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment.
Freight Forwarding

Canadian businesses have found our cross-docking services to be a particularly helpful form of freight forwarding in the current economic climate. Making equipment acquisitions in the United States makes a great deal of sense for Canadian companies. Many US suppliers offer free or discounted shipping rates for delivery to US addresses, but charge steep rates for international freight. In these circumstances, UCanTrade can step in and offer cross-docking and freight forwarding to help cut the cost of US equipment purchases. Your British Columbia business can purchase from a US supplier, and have their equipment delivered to UCanTrade's facility, saving money on international freight, forwarding can be arranged by UCanTrade. UCanTrade can hold your purchased inventory at our facility, and load it on to your company's truck sent across the border at your convenience. Or, UCanTrade can arrange freight forwarding with one of our trusted-cross border shipping partners and have the equipment delivered to your address in Canada. If your US supplier offers free or reduced rate delivery to addresses in the United States, taking advantage of UCanTrade's freight forwarding services can cut your purchasing costs dramatically.

Another freight forwarding service UCanTrade offers is pick and pack order fulfillment, for Canadian entrepreneurs selling goods to consumers in the United States. Every time merchandise crosses the border, there are costs associated with customs compliance and international shipping. UCanTrade's freight forwarding services can reduce these costs, by consolidating your cross-border cargo movements to fewer, larger shipments. You sent large quantities of inventory to UCanTrade, to be safely stored in our secure 60,000 SqFt of warehouse facilities located only minutes from the border. When you receive an order from a US customer, UCanTrade receives your instructions electronically and picks, packs and ships your order domestically, reducing your cost of customs compliance and international shipping.

Whether it's cross-docking for your US equipment acquisitions, or pick and pack order fulfillment for your US orders, UCanTrade offers your Canadian company freight forwarding solutions that can cut the cost of doing business in the United States. For over 28 years, UCanTrade has been a leader in freight forwarding, helping Canadian entrepreneurs profitably enter the US market. Call UCanTrade, Inc. today to find out how our freight forwarding expertise can help your Canadian company cut costs and operate profitably in the United States.

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