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Save Time And Money On Import Export With UCanTrade, Inc.
UCanTrade, Inc, / UCanTrade.com has been helping Canadian businesses profitably manage their import export functions for over 28 years. Located in Ferndale, Washington, just 15 miles from the border off Interstate 5, UCanTrade is ideally located to help your business manage import export operations. Many Canadian companies are finding that, with the dollar near par, conditions are ideal for expanding purchases of equipment and inventory in the United States to maximize buying power. At the same timeł the consumer market in the United States continues to recover and offers a tantalizing retail market opportunity for Canadian e-tailers and entrepreneurs. UCanTrade capably handles these, and many more import export activities for Canadian companies doing business across the border.
Import Export

Import export activities can be complicated and costly. UCanTrade exists to help make import export simple and profitable. For Canadian e-tailers selling directly to U.S. Customers UCanTrade offers a variety of services that make the import export process cheaper, and easier. From our 60,000 sqft of facilities UCanTrade offers complete pick and pack shipping services for retail orders. You import your item in bulk, by the case, pallet or truckload, to our warehouse. We hold your inventory and receive your order information electronically, shipping individual orders as they come in. Because your product is already in the United States, the need to fill out complicated import export paperwork with each order is reduced, saving you time and money. Additionally, if your customer encounters a problem and needs to return an item, we can process your returns domestically, eliminating the need for further import export processes. UCanTrade helps you save money on import export operations because UCanTrade's services minimize border crossings to fewer, larger shipments.

For almost three decades, UCanTrade has been making the import export process run smoothly and profitably for Canadian businesses. Call UCanTrade today and find out how we can make efficient, low cost import export work for your business.

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