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Inventory Management
Inventory Management
UCanTrade, Inc. / UCanTrade.com offers complete inventory management services to Canadian entrepreneurs seeking to enter the US market. UCanTrade has the experience and the expertise to effectively handle your inventory management needs for cross-border sales into the United States.
Inventory Management

Facilitating Cross-Border Marketing

Selling across the border can give your Canadian business access to a vast new market in the United States, but can also add considerable expenses to your operation if not done right. UCanTrade exists to help minimize the cost of cross-border business for Canadian companies selling to US customers, and our state-of-the-art inventory management system is an integral part of the service we offer. Each time merchandise crosses the border, there are costs associated with international shipping and customs compliance. UCanTrade helps your company reduce these costs by working with your customs broker to import your merchandise into the United States in bulk, and then provides complete inventory management services from our state-of-the-art 60,000 sqft of facilities in Ferndale, Washington.

As part of our inventory management services, UCanTrade warehouses your inventory in the United States and provides order fulfillment. When you get an order, UCanTrade receives your instructions electronically, and then picks, packs and ships domestically to your US customer. UCanTrade's inventory management and fulfillment services save your company the expense of international shipping, and the cost of ensuring customs compliance with individual orders.

Facilitating Cross-Border Returns and Warranty Service

Reverse logistics and return processing are another integral part of the inventory management services UCanTrade offers. If a US customer experiences a problem, if they mistakenly order the wrong size or quantity, for example, they can return the item to UCanTrade's facility with low cost domestic shipping. Furthermore, with UCanTrade's inventory management expertise, we can inspect the item, an if it is still in saleable condition, restock it as part of your inventory in our warehouse, and use the restocked merchandise to fill a future order on your behalf. This saves the considerable expense of processing returns across the border, and the associated international freight charges and customs clearance costs that come with cross-border shipping.

For over 28 years, UCanTrade has been the leader in inventory management for Canadian entrepreneurs doing business in the United States. Call UCanTrade today to find out how our inventory management expertise can help your business do business profitably south of the border.

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