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Less than TruckLoad (LTL) Shipping
UCanTrade, Inc.: The Leader in Cross-Border LTL Shipping
UCanTrade, Inc. / UCanTrade.com is your preferred logistics partner for cross-border LTL (Less than Truckload) shipping in the United States. For over 28 years, UCanTrade has been facilitating LTL shipments for Canadian businesses
LTL Shipping with UCanTrade.com

USA Procurement or Returns

Canadian companies making equipment purchases in the United States can utilize UCanTrade's state-of-the-art 60,000 sqft of warehouse facilities for cross-docking and LTL shipping. Many equipment suppliers in the United States will offer free or discounted shipping to addresses in the United States, but charge expensive international shipping fees for delivery to Canada. This is where UCanTrade can step in and help your company save money with cross-docking support for cross-border LTL shipping. UCanTrade can arrange to receive your purchased equipment, and store it in our secure facility only 15 minutes from the border. UCanTrade will warehouse your LTL acquisitions from multiple vendors until a complete truckload worth of merchandise is on hand. At that juncture, your company can send your truck down from Canada, or UCanTrade can arrange for cross-border delivery with one of our trusted cross-border shipping partners.

Shipping to Your U.S. Customers

UCanTrade, Inc.'s LTL support services can also help your company sell merchandise manufactured in Canada (or previously imported into Canada) to customers in the United States. Rather than make multiple deliveries at locations deep in the United States, your company can deliver inventory to our facility in Ferndale, Washington, conveniently located along Interstate 5, and then quickly return to Canada. UCanTrade can then arrange lower cost domestic LTL shipping with one of our trusted US freight carrier partners to your customers throughout the United States. Whatever your cross-border LTL shipping needs are, UCanTrade can help. Call today to find out how.

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