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Order Fulfillment Pick & Pack
Order Fulfillment Pick and Pack
UCanTrade, Inc. offers a variety of Pick and Pack services to make cross-border commerce easier for Canadian entrepreneurs seeking to sell products to consumers in the United States. Our Pick and Pack service allows you to import or send us product in larger lots, saving money by eliminating excess transportation and brokerage fees. We hold your inventory in our Ferndale, Washington facility only 15 miles from the border on I-5 and await your orders. When you receive an order from a U.S.-based customer, we receive your shipping instructions (e.g.) packing slips electronically, and then pick, pack and ship from your USA warehouse. That's because in addition to being a state-of-the-art shipping facility, we provide your company with a U.S. business identity, so our warehouse is your pick and pack warehouse.
Pick and Pack Fulfillment

By having UCanTrade handle your order fulfillment and pick and pack for U.S. orders, you save time and money. With pick and pack services in the United States, orders ship domestically to customers in all 50 states, thereby eliminating border delays and expensive international shipping charges. Additionally, our pick and pack warehouse is also fully equipped to handle returns on your behalf. So, if you have a customer that orders the wrong size or color of an item, for example, they can return it and receive the correct item without having to pay for international shipping on the return postage. UCanTrade's expert staff will process the return, and then pick, pack and re-ship the correct item, all without the hassles, costs and delays of another border crossing.

We currently offer pick and pack order fulfillment to a number of Canadian e-tailers and traditional merchants seeking to enter the U.S. market with minimal overhead cost. By utilizing UCanTrade's expertise and locating your pick and pack facility in the United States, your company can sell more product, in less time, at lower cost to American customers. Choose UCanTrade for all your U.S.-based pick and pack order fulfillment needs. Contact us today to find out more:
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