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Reduce US Customs Compliance Costs with UCanTrade
UCanTrade Inc., / UCanTrade.com can help you reduce the costs of complying with US Customs regulations when importing to the United States. Every time merchandise crosses the border, there are costs associated with meeting US Customs requirements. UCanTrade works with your US Customs broker to import your goods to the United States in larger quantities. We then store your inventory at our state-of-the-art warehouse in Ferndale, Washington, only 15 minutes from the border. When you get an order from a customer in the United States, UCanTrade will receive your instructions electronically, and pick, pack and ship the order domestically. You save the costs of adhering to US Customs regulations on individual orders, because your merchandise is already in the United States.
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UCanTrade can save your company the costs of dealing with US Customs regulations on reverse logistics too. If your customer experiences a problem with their order and needs to make a return, UCanTrade can process that return domestically from our 60,000 square feet of logistics facilities in the United States. On returns where the wrong size item was ordered, for example, but the merchandise is resalable, UCanTrade can process the return, restock your inventory and reship that product to a future customer desiring that size. Without UCanTrade, your return would have to cross the border again twice, once to be restocked at a warehouse in Canada, and once to re-enter the United States for resale, whereupon it would incur the costs of complying with US Customs regulations once more. With UCanTrade your returned, but resalable merchandise stays in the United States and does not incur additional US Customs compliance costs.

Adhering to US Customs regulations is an important part of doing business across the border. UCanTrade has the expertise to work with your US Customs broker to streamline this process and minimize costs. Additionally, by consolidating your freight movements across the border into fewer, larger shipments and handling returns domestically, UCanTrade can help you dramatically reduce the expenses and paperwork associated with selling merchandise in the United States.

For over 28 years UCanTrade has helped Canadian businesses profitably enter the US market, Call UCanTrade today to find out how we can help reduce your US customs compliance costs, and bring your product to market in the United States faster, cheaper and easier.

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