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Our Offices And Warehouse Are Conveniently Located In The Pacific Corridor -
Vancouver / Blaine / Ferndale / Bellingham / Seattle.
Bellingham Warehouse Fulfillment
Bellingham Warehouse Fulfillment
UCanTrade, Inc. / UCanTrade.com offers complete warehouse and fulfillment services in the Bellingham, Washington area. We are located only 15 miles south of the border, near the Bellingham International Airport in Ferndale, Washington. Our easily-accessible facility is only a few hundred yards off of Interstate 5 at exit 260.
Warehouse Fulfillment Bellingham

From our Bellingham area warehouse, UCanTrade provides fulfillment services ideally suited for Canadian entrepreneurs looking to expand into the US market. International shipping can be expensive, and the cost of customs compliance for moving inventory across the border can quickly eat up profits for e-tailers trying to fill US orders from Canada. Our Bellingham Warehouse Fulfillment services make selling across the border easier, and more profitable. UCanTrade works with your customs broker to import your merchandise in large quantities to our Bellingham area warehouse, reducing your costs of customs compliance. We then warehouse your inventory at our state-of-the-art secure facility in the Bellingham area and await your orders. We receive your instructions via email or automated computerized order system and fulfill your order from our Bellingham area warehouse. UCanTrade's Bellingham warehouse fulfillment reduces your costs on both shipping and customs compliance, and ensures that you reap greater profits from selling products in the US.

Call UCanTrade today to find out how our Bellingham area Warehouse fulfillment can help your Canadian business profitably enter the US Market!

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