"Merry Christmas" (it's just around the corner)

By: Jim Pettinger, President and CEO of UCanTrade, Inc.
The fall (and summer) of 2016 promises to be a banner season for Canadian entrepreneurs and businesses to capitalize on the continuing favorable Canada/USA exchange rate.  Whether you are an entrepreneur with items to sell on eBay or Amazon, or a business with products to sell to other businesses or to U.S. federal, state or local governments, or a BC retailer or tourism operator offering great deals to American visitors, NOW is the time to start planning your marketing strategy.

Canadian Exports To USA
US Sales = More Loonies

There are many positive signs and signals, including: Trudeau’s amazing welcome in Washington, continuing low oil and commodity prices, the awakening of Americans to the plight (and buying opportunity) of the weak loonie, the increase in the limit for “informal” customs entries into the U.S., and the recently reported expiration of exchange hedges bought by larger Canadian businesses.  Don’t be left holding the bag (of loonies).
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