“Return to Sender” – What’s Your Policy?

According to UPS, January 6th is officially ‘National Returns Day’. The global shipping giant reportedly expects to handle approximately 5 million package returns by the end of the first week in January with over a million consumer returns on January 6th alone! With online shopping exponentially increasing each year, particularly during the holiday season, e-commerce retailers need to consider their return policies.
Returns play a huge role in a buyer’s decision process. Structuring a ‘flexible policy’ to provide online shoppers with ‘free, fast and easy returns’ helps make a consumer feel much more comfortable buying something sight unseen. UPS reports just 32% of retailers offer free returns. Further, less than half outline a ‘merchandise exchange timeline’ which, UPS says, “is a key component of the return policy that is viewed by 88% of online shoppers.”
Canadian retailers and small businesses expanding their businesses online and selling into the U.S. market should recognize a no-hassle return policy will give them a competitive edge in a very competitive market.
Establishing a business identity in the USA and using reliable trade partners can eliminate unnecessary border crossings, clearance expenses, freight costs and time delays while providing your American customer base with the reliable, quick turnarounds they’re after.
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