What in the world is Amazon doing now?

By: Jim Pettinger, President & CEO of UCanTrade, Inc.
Spend a little time on Google and you will soon discover that Amazon is slowly but surely expanding its logistics reach both vertically and horizontally. Vertically, by investing in ships, planes, trucks, drones and warehouses, and horizontally by establishing operations around the globe from Europe to Asia and beyond. And besides all that, they are tying it all together with a staggering array of “web services”.
Order fulfillment and international logistics services.
A recent example is their expansion into ocean freight forwarding as reported recently in this article distributed by Reuters. As a former stockbroker, I remain amazed how Amazon can make this happen with a reported P/E ratio over 500 as compared to Apple at a paltry P/E of about 15. Perhaps this article in Yahoo! Finance will clear it up for you.
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