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“Know before you go” is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection tagline meaning travelers heading into the USA should arrive at their port of entry prepared with all the necessary supporting documents. Without the correct information, you and your samples likely won’t be allowed to enter the states. According to U.S. Customs & Border Protection: […]
By: Jim Pettinger, President & CEO of UCanTrade, Inc. The “Know Before You Go” slogan is familiar to most Canadians (and some Americans). Along with “I declare” (Je déclare), it reminds us to make sure we know our obligations at the border when traveling. However, when planning to expand your Canadian business into the USA, […]
By: UCanTrade Staff In 2015, carriers like UPS and FED EX have made the switch away from charging for a package’s actual shipping weight to charging for its dimensional shipping weight. UCanTrade, Inc.’s Operations Manager, Terry Dickey explains people are often surprised at the significant increase in cost because they are unaware of these dimensional […]