Trade Show Logistics with UCanTrade


Trade shows offer an unparalleled opportunity to expand your business, enhance brand visibility, and connect with a niche community. They serve as a platform to showcase your offerings, network with industry peers, and engage with clients. At UCanTrade, we understand the significance of trade shows in driving business growth. That’s why we specialize in providing comprehensive logistics and delivery support tailored to your specific needs.

What you get with UCanTrade's Trade Show Logistic Solutions:


Comprehensive Logistics Support

When you partner with UCanTrade for your trade show needs, you can trust us to manage all aspects of logistics, shipping, and transportation before and/or after the show. This includes handling items for sale, facilitating exhibition setup, and simplifying the import process.

Cross-border importation

Leveraging our expertise in cross-border trade, brokerage, and transportation, we are able to oversee the importation of your products when coming oversees, eliminating complexities and delays to ensure a smooth cross-border process.

Efficiency and Timeliness

Timing is crucial when it comes to trade shows, and we pride ourselves on our efficiency. Depending on the location, transportation typically takes 1-1.5 weeks for your products to arrive. Typically, we work proactively to provide a buffer of 1 week before pick up so we can prepare the shipment and ensure it is imported with no complications. When signed up for a trade show, your organizer should be able to provide a date range that booths can be delivered (typically about 1 week). Our goal is to deliver your booth at the earliest opportunity, aligning with the designated booth delivery window provided by the event organizer.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We understand the importance of flexibility and are committed to accommodating your specific requirements and timelines. If you have a required or preferred delivery day, we are able to modify to adapt to all needs. We do request that all timelines are provided to UCanTrade to ensure smooth delivery, and we kindly request convention pamphlets with timeline information.

Cost Savings and Competitive Rates

Enjoy significant cost savings with our highly competitive rates, especially when compared to trade show sponsored carriers. Wait times are contracted in your initial quote, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Expedited Shipping Services

For situations when speed is of the essence, we offer expedited shipping services to ensure your products arrive on time, allowing you to focus on maximizing your trade show experience.