Wow Your Customers With These Value-Added Services

UCanTrade provides a full menu of value-added services available at each of our locations. In most cases, if your product needs special handling or manipulation, we can help or point you in the appropriate direction to one of our trusted partners.

These services include:

  • Inspection and repair of products – damage inspection, functionality testing, and general quality assurance.
  • Kitting – We arrange items in a specific order (for example, placement of items within a box). This can range from a single instruction all the way to a multi-part sequence.
  • Assembly – Our team of professionals performs light manipulation or assembly for various goods to your specification.
  • Bundling – We combine multiple items to ship together, as defined by you.
  • Rework – In the event a shipment is put together or arrives in an unsatisfactory manner from its origin or somewhere else in the supply chain, we can correct and load to your specification, ensuring your shipments arrive to your customers in a safe, compliant, and efficient manner.
  • Fulfillment center prep services – We specialize in ensuring your shipments meet your customers’ requirements, whether this is for e-commerce, big box retailers, or businesses with unique requirements. Labeling, stickering, bagging, etc.
  • Technical repair – We provide on-site technical repair support where needed, including warranty work, upgrades, testing, and evaluations by our trained technical specialists.