What is a U.S. Business Identity?

A U.S. Business Identity allows Canadian companies to establish a legal presence in the United States without the need for physical offices or operations. By teaming with UCanTrade’s, you can utilize a U.S. address, mail forwarding, phone number, and other essential business elements to access the U.S. market seamlessly.

Benefits of an UCanTrade U.S. Business Identity:

Compliance: Utilize UCanTrade’s address and tax ID to stay compliant with U.S. regulations and tax requirements while minimizing legal and administrative complexities.

Market Expansion: Gain a competitive edge by accessing the vast U.S. market and reaching new customers across borders as an established U.S. Business.

Logistical Efficiency: Simplify cross-border operations with a U.S. address for shipping, receiving, and returns management.

Mail Forwarding: UCanTrade offers convenient mail forwarding services, ensuring that all correspondence and packages are efficiently forwarded to your desired location.

Cost-Effectiveness: Avoid the expenses associated with establishing physical offices in the U.S. while still enjoying a strong market presence.

Credibility: Establishing a U.S. business identity enhances credibility and trust among American customers, partners, and suppliers.