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USA warehouse
When people hear the word “warehouse,” they often think of a place where merchandise is stored before it’s shipped off to some other place. While that’s not incorrect, there’s much more to it than a big building full of shelves, boxes, and all kinds of products and materials waiting for pickup. Making sure every box […]
man with mobile device in fulfillment warehouse
Buying whatever you need online has never been easier. Likewise, ecommerce continues to grow in popularity for both producers and consumers. However, despite the net benefits of leveraging technology to conduct business from afar, it’s created a few unfortunate side effects, especially around fulfillment. With the sheer volume of fulfillment orders every day, hour, and […]
Logistics and customer service go hand-in-hand. After all, what is logistics but the art of delivering happiness to the billions of people who need to buy things? While most of the consumer focus on logistics is on the last mile from store to door, anyone who’s worked with the logistics industry knows that’s only the […]
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There are few people who are more excited about packaging compared to what’s inside. But if not for that protective outer layer, the delivery might not last the journey – especially if the packaging materials weren’t right for the job. Whether you have an international ecommerce business or have a brick-and-mortar store that ships products […]
port of seattle container shipping terminal | transloading
Especially with ecommerce, we take for granted is how easy it is to buy things. Whether in-person at the grocery store or ordering from your favorite website, it’s expected that the goods we want just sort of… appear out of nowhere.  It was only until the pandemic and its supply chain issues thereafter that many […]